Pedro Poblete Lasserre

I am a psychologist turned developer, I specialize in helping non-profits with their technologies to increase social good. I can facilitate/design solutions and develop them.

Here are some of the things I have done:

Quilantún: Ciencia Ciudadana.

Information portal and georeferenced database for preventing hantavirus.

Quilantún is a research initiative of citizenship science that aims to identify communities affected by the blooming of quila plants, a native species of bamboo in Chile that is associated with an increase in mice that carry the Hantavirus.
The project is partially financed by Corporate Social Responsibility projects and NGO funding, allowing for the coordination of multiple actors.

CMS Wordpress
Custom Code PHP
Database MySQL
Mobile Tech Responsive design

Date: Feb. 2020 - Ongoing.

Main role: Web Developer.

Support roles: Web Designer, Server Administrator, Software Designer.

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Benatna: Between Us.

Peer-to-peer sex education for refugees through a privacy-minded PWA.

Benatna is a a mobile site with a team of young people from different cultures who answer questions from teenagers in Germany about puberty, feelings, identity, and sex.
The project was funded by The Prototype Fund, an initiative by the Open Knowledge Fundation and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research in a six-month funding to carry out the idea from concept to demo.

Front-end Vue.js
Back-end Express.js
Database Non-relational
Mobile Tech Service Workers

Date: Apr. 2018 - Oct. 2018.

Seed Funding: €50,000.

Main role: Tech Lead.

Support roles: User Research, Project Manager, UX Designer.

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FPIC.INFO: The Right to Decide.

Designed for and with Indigenous Peoples, this is the web's largest library of resources about Free, Prior, and Informed Consent.

WWW.FPIC.INFO is a multilingual mobile-first platform that aims to bring knowledge about Indigenous Rights, especially the right to Free, Prior and Informed consent, to communities all over the world.
Part of a research project partially funded by the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, the website is a joint effort of the Canadian universities Wilfrid Laurier University, Lakehead University, Université Laval, the Haudenosaunee-owned Six Nations Polytechnic, and Universidad Austral in Chile.

Front-end JQuery
Back-end Django
Database MySQL
Mobile Tech Mobile First Design

Date: Mar. 2016 - Jul. 2018.

Main role: Designer and Developer.

Support roles: Content Team Manager, Project Manager, Presenter, Translator.

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Freelancing: I can help you with your website.

Other than these large projects, I've assisted in very small redesigns of websites over the years. Depending on the complexity of the project, I would either develop it myself or work with you to select a template and personalize it, reducing the development time and your costs.

Mew Nails

Mew Nails

Hosting and managing the domain. Content work required. No CMS. Design based on a template by HTML5UP.
Hoc Habet

Hoc Habet Fencing

Wordpress site. Self-hosted by the client. Content work required. Design based on a template by themeum.
Que bruto, póngale cero

Que Bruto, Póngale Cero

Hosting and managing the domain. Content work required. Grav. Design based in Hotdoy template.


Currently offline. At the time of functioning, hosting and managing the domain. Content work required. Created using Grav CMS.

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